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How Does Value Based Healthcare Help Women?

Most people are surprised to learn that something like value based healthcare exists.The idea of value based healthcare has only recently come into the public view. The value referred to here means whether or not the patient became healthy. On the other hand, a fee based healthcare system charges a standard fee per service, even if the patient stayed sick or died. Over the next few paragraphs, you will come to understand how transitioning to this healthcare model can actually be cheaper and better for both patients and providers.

What could be gained by switching to a value based healthcare system? First, patients save money on their healthcare costs. In addition, general overall health also improves significantly, as more attention is paid to disease prevention. The patient his or herself becomes the spotlight, not a specific illness. Also under this model, more young and healthy people are likely to sign up. When they are encouraged to take preventative measures for future health, young people are much more likely to do so.

Overall, society has healthier people and spends much less money keeping them healthy. Less money is spent on healthcare in general. In a fee based system, there is only an incentive to treat one particular issue, instead of treating the person as a whole. When its people are healthier, the health of a society also improves. This seems like common sense, but it bears repeating that healthier people create healthier children and healthier futures. And finally, many people argue for this system solely as an alternative to the current system, which is widely considered to have low effectiveness.

For obvious reasons, there are many people and groups who stand in opposition to the value based healthcare model. Though there are detractors, there are also many proponents of this healthcare model. One such example is the model whereby healthcare providers are responsible for the continued health of their maternity patients over a set period of time. Women, especially, need long term care for certain health issues, like pregnancy.

In this article, you have learned about the ways in which a value based healthcare system can contribute to a society’s overall health. You have seen how women’s healthcare organizations are particularly progressive in their approach to this model. While it is unlikely that such a dramatic change will happen in the next few years, you can expect to see several programs implementing it on a small scale. Healthcare is a vital public issue and will undoubtedly continue to advance and evolve over time.

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