As most small business owners know there is a difference between the average employee and true talent. The problem for small business owners is how to attract talent to their business, when so often large businesses are able to outbid and out-perk them, which gives them a decided advantage when it comes to attracting talent. However, there are ways that small business owners can overcome such obstacles and find truly talented applicants anxious to put their skills to work to make that small business successful.

Often, talented people are motivated by more than money. Money matters, of course, but for many of the best and brightest, they are seeking something more. As the Wall Street Journal pointed out in “How to Attract Talent to a Small Company,” the more personal atmosphere of a newer business may very well be more attractive to certain types of talented people. The anti- corporate sentiment that is on the rise throughout the nation can serve as a real advantage to a company.

A small business may not have the financial ability to offer more money or costly benefits to potential employees. However, flexibility in scheduling, such as the ability to


eBay is the world’s largest online marketplace, with around 181 million customers. 43% of all internet users in the UK visit the site every month, with an average user spending almost two hours on eBay every single month.

It’s no wonder that a lot of small businesses look at eBay as a way of getting into online sales. It’s not all plain sailing though, and many businesses have found that it can be time consuming and unprofitable.

There are some pointers that can make trading on eBay profitable, interesting and fun. Have you noticed how some sellers can get significantly more bids and higher prices, whilst other sellers offer the same items at lower prices and get little or no interest?

It isn’t down to luck. But put in a effort and planning, and you too can become a successful and profitable eBay trader.

I’ve written this article with an English audience in mind. The legal implications of selling on eBay are from an English perspective. However, most of the concepts will be the same around the world.

Know the Law

If you sell products to consumers, you need to be aware


According to the New York Times small business blog, You’re the Boss, the main reasons small businesses fail range from poor accounting to lack of a good business plan and a declining market. Other reasons include over-expansion and business owners who are unable to get out of their own way because of pride, greed, or perfectionism. Sometimes it’s hard to see the cause of the failure because of our proximity to the situation. For this reason many entrepreneurs continue making the same mistakes again and again.

Entrepreneurship is high-risk. It takes heart. It takes guts. But, for true entrepreneurial spirits the reward far outweighs the risk. So, the question becomes not if they will try again, but how they can learn from past mistakes and move from failure into growth?

Start by asking yourself these four questions:

1) What can I learn from this experience?

Assess everything that went wrong. Was it unavoidable? Was it a careless mistake? Was I the problem? Answer with brutal honesty. This is not an easy process and there may be a long list of shortfalls, but it will help ensure success in the future.

2) What can


Owning a small business used to mean that you couldn’t afford an 800 number. Not so anymore. These days it is just as easy to get an 800 number for your small business as it is to have the electric turned on for your small business.

Having an 800 number is great way to attract new customers and entice more people to call you which will hopefully lead to an increase in sales and your bottom line. The best part is the 800 number you choose will not cost you an arm and a leg anymore.

With the invention of what is known as a virtual 800 number it is no longer necessary to have a main phone line that routes all the calls to various extensions throughout the office. In fact, you don’t even have to have all the extensions in the same office, city, state, or country for that matter. Here is how a virtual 800 number works and how you go about getting one for your small business:

o Choose a service provider: Start by conducting an online search for ‘virtual 800 number service provider’


This is Part 1 of a three part guide to help small business understand the value and power of using postcards to market their business. We’ve divided it up into three parts in order to give you some interesting background information on the history postcards (that’s this part), then Part 2 which will cover some of the important reasons why you’d want to get into postcard marketing, and lastly Part 3 which will give you an overview of the ‘how-to’ of postcard marketing.

So….here we go!

Part 1. A Brief History of Postcards

First of all, let’s define what a post card is. A postcard, or post card, is a piece of paper, slightly thicker that regular writing paper, either rectangular or square in shape and intended for writing and mailing without an envelope. The study and collecting of postcards is termed deltiology.

Looking at the history of postcards, you’ll find that cards inscribed with messages have been sporadically created and posted by individuals almost since the creation of the first postal services.

As the postcard evolved, the earliest known picture postcard was a hand-painted design on a card and posted in London


In today’s tough economic climate it is more important than ever to save money wherever possible. This is doubly true for a small business or start-up business whose cash flows are not yet fully established. Here are 5 great tips on how to save money as a small business.

Money Saving Tip #1 – Pay strict attention to metrics, especially your sales volumes and expenses

It is generally acknowledged that one of the greatest businessmen of the modern era was John D. Rockefeller. Mr. Rockefeller founded Standard Oil in 1870 and went on to become the world’s richest man and first American billionaire, and is often regarded as the richest person in history. However, when Mr. Rockefeller was just 16 years old he landed his first job. What was that job that set the foundation for a business career as illustrious as any man ever had? He became an assistant bookkeeper. John Rockefeller earned just $50 salary for his first three months’ work. But what he truly gained was an appreciation for financial detail and discipline.

So it is with your small business – you need to have a detailed understanding of what your finances


A small business has the potential for growth and for this to happen, there is need for it to have a guide on the proposed strategies that it needs to put in place to sail through. An enterprise has very many issues affecting it, as well as others that if well considered, could eventually become part of the bigger picture. What do I mean by saying so?

Issues like going for government contracts are never in the minds of many small entrepreneurs, but if given a thought, it could become just another line of operation for the enterprise. When you search online for information, you will get thousands of pages giving you a guide to a lot of issues that an enterprise owner can engage in. A good business guide should provide you with sufficient information about how to start and plan a business.

The guide in many cases does not give details on a step by step procedure on how to go about it, but the information therein should be enough to help you formulate your idea and plan for it in writing. The guide also gives information on how to market your enterprise, both


eCollaboration is not a common term, it’s part of a family of terms under ebusiness which is using information and communication technology to utilise the internet to save money and grow your business. eCollaboration is the part that deals with the communications and working together in business. This can be either through working with customers/suppliers or working with team members.

It’s enormously important for several reasons, the first is cost, and using these technologies effectively can help you save money. Secondly, it can improve your image; these technologies allow you to do many of the things which larger companies do and take for granted every day. It also helps you grow your business because it can help you work effectively with other companies and other groups of people to win business and deliver that business once you’ve won it.

There is a wide range of technology which falls into this category, there’s communication technology i.e. voice over IP, instant messaging and conferencing. There are sharing tools like email which we all use every day. There are also other forms of sharing tools, things that help you synchronise one PC to another which enables us to all


The ability for small manufacturers and other modest sized service organization to break through the veil which shielded them from participation with the U.S. Department of Defense and other national security agencies has been penetrated. The Defense Venture Catalyst Initiative (DeVenCI) has developed a program that helps managers within these agencies bypass the usual larger defense contractor and deal directly with small scale enterprises to seek new rapidly deployable technologies. Under the direction of Bob Pohanka, DeVenCI matches defense manager who have problems they need solving with small companies that can offer solutions.

DeVenCI sponsors events several times a year in the Washington, DC area where the small companies get the opportunity to pitch their technologies and wares to an audience of defense agency manager in the hope that a match will occur. To stay on top of which companies and what specialized technologies are available, Pohanka enlist the aid of volunteer venture capitalist across the country. The venture capitalists are provided extensive briefing on the Department of Defense and national security agencies needs. Armed with this information, they network to locate the relevant companies and invite them to a DeVenCI sponsored event.

If a match


When you are ready to start a small business, you need to be sure that you are ready. This is because it is no easy task. You have to put in long hours and work extra hard. That is why you need a small business guide. This will give you some sense of direction when starting or even when in business. It is also important to ask for assistance on how to go down this path and survive while you at it. It is essential to have a business plan. This is the first step towards getting your business going.

This plan acts as a guide on how you intend to start your business, your marketing strategies, how to overcome obstacles, your projections etc. When you have a plan, you will be organizing various aspects of your business that may occur in the future. An important part of your small business guide is of course your start up capital. This has to be enough for you to do business for at least six months.

Another item you will need for your small business guide is to recruit a qualified team of people. When you have people